Come to the Czech Republic, a country where students , and the elderly alike can enjoy a great holiday,

a country just made for holidaying with children , romantic breaks for couples and business meetings.

Come and visit a country of famous composers and create your own symphony for the senses…

Prague, the Czech capital, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with an inimitable atmosphere created by its millennium of history. Countless museums, galleries and other tourist sights can also be found in the regions of the Czech Republic. The map of the Czech Republic is dotted with historical towns , castles , chateaux, churches and monasteries.

The Czech spas are famous around the world and enjoy a tradition going back centuries. Guests can receive treatment or just relax in their pleasant surroundings. When visiting the Czech Republic, you can also discover the wonders of Czech cuisine , celebrated Czech beer and excellent Moravian wines.

Whether you arrive at Christmas , during the spring holidays, in summer or in the autumn, you’ll always find a lot going on and a different feel to this country in the very heart of Europe.

Czech cuisine will come as a pleasant surprise to gourmets. Although the cuisine shows influences from neighbouring countries (Hungary, Austria and Germany), the greatest inspiration remains traditional old Bohemian recipes. 

The basis of Czech food are ingredients which could be grown at home – above all grains, pulses, potatoes and meat.

Czech cuisine – the art of creating superb dishes from simple ingredients.

From these seemingly simple ingredients superb and imaginative dishes were made which can only be found in Czech cuisine. These include Czech dumplings, a rich selection of sauces and soups, sirloin in cream and the signature dish, pork and dumplings with sauerkraut.