In addition, you will need to fill out a form for the collective accommodation and the repertoire form

Instructions to complete the application:
  1. Fill in the festival name.

    2. Enter your actual trip dates according to the tickets purchased.

    3. Enter type of chosen program – economy, basic, comfortable or individual.

    4. Enter full name of your collective.

    5. Enter full name of the collective leader.

    6. Enter full name of the accompanist (if he is considered to be a part of the collective by the competitive program)

    7. Indicate your country of residence

    8. Enter your full address: City, State, Zip Code, Street, and House. In the case of individual soloists – personal address, which, if necessary, can be used in correspondence purposes.

    9. Specify your phone number (personal or organizational) by which we can contact you and fax. Contact phone and fax must be indicated with the country and city code.

    10. Enter your email address.

    11. Paste a link to your profile in social networks.

    12.Indicate quantity of children in the group.

    13. Indicate number of adults in the group.

    14. Indicate the average age of all collective members.

    The soloist must indicate the age as for the contest day.

    15. Indicate main nomination, in which the collective will represent the contest program (in words).

    16. Indicate nomination, in which the collective will submit a contest program (nomination number in accordance with regulations).

    17. Specify additional nomination, if it is provided by the contest program (in words)

    18. Specify additional nomination, if provided by the contest program (nomination number, according to the regulations)

Instructions to complete the form for accommodation
  1. 1. Enter full name of your collective.

    Forexample: “The exemplary ensemble of choreographic miniatures “Solnyshko”.

    2. Indicate your country and city of residence.

    3. Enter the actual arrival date (please note that check-in is after 2 pm).

    4. Enter the actual departure date (note that check-out from the hotel is before 10.00).

    5. Choose the accommodation option that suits you (2 *, 3 * or 4 * and specify the required number of rooms).

    6. Fill in the list of participants in accordance to the passport (only Latin letters).

    Forexample: GREGORY JAMES 10/10/2000 717171717

Instructions to complete the repertoire form
  1. 1. Enter full name of your collective.

    2. Enter full name of the collective leader.If it is necessary, specify the names of the other teachers/accompanists.

    3. Indicate your country of residence.

    4. Indicate yourcity of residence.

    5. Enter the name of the first contest work of art.

    6. Specify the chronometry of the work of art.

    7. Specify the composer / arranger.

    8. Indicate the number of performers on the stage.

    9. If it is necessary, specify important technical requirements

    10. Fill in the same paragraphs for the second piece of art.

    11. Indicate the total number of participants.

    12. Specify the age range of participants “from-to”.

    13. Enter the nomination number from 1 to 44 in accordance with the festival regulations.

    14. Fill out the information for thankful letters (if it is necessary). Name of the person and / or name of the organization, total number of thankful letters, as well as the language, in which they would like to receive a letter of gratitude (English, Russian).