Born in family of musicians in Usobi, Czech Republic. 

Trumpet playing basics studied from his uncle Jiři Ružička. In the age of 18 enrolled at Prague conservatory (Shvejkovsky class) and at the same time studied in academy of performing arts in Prague (professors Junk and Kejmar) During studies paid much attention to baroque music both solo and comprised it chamber ensemble, which from 1979 went on tour in home country and abroad. (Spain, Austria, Canada, USA and others). A career of professional musician in theatre Karlin started immediately after studies in conservatory. During 4 years worked in symphonic orchestra, playing music for movies.

Cooperates with Czech and foreign ensembles and orchestras, which play “authentic music” and is one of a few Czech musicians, who master playing a rare instrument called clarino. Is occupied in pedagogical activities from 1996: was teaching in the conservatory of Caracas (Venezuela) and nowadays is a professor of J. Dejl’s conservatory in Prague, where he teaches playing wind musical Instruments. Today works with Prague Symphonic Orchestra.

Regularly records and publishes musical CDs. Is a founder of the festival „Usobian summer“ in his hometown.