Maestro Jose Miguel Maschietto is an Italian Pianist and Composer, born in 1984, has begun his piano studies at very young age at the State Conservatory of Music in Venice with M.G.Brunello, then he moved to Milan, where, under the guidance of Maestro M.Pollini, he completed his studies in piano, as well as composition under the guidance of Maestro C.M.Colonna and Maersto A. de Blanche. Also he started conducting during his study in Milan with professors F.Ruzzini and E. dei Rossi.

He is an Artist whose roots sinks in classical music and evolves over time untill arriving to the minimalists an experimental times passing from Jazz to Blues and many othe musical forms.

He wtore music for films, advertising and special events. He has received various prizes throughout his career, for exaample European award for Artistic and Cultural Activities.

Currently he lives in Prague where he worked as an invited conductor in State Opera Prgaue during the season 2012-2013.

In 2014 he presented to public his Artistic project “The Alchemist od Dream”.